Composer : Troels Brun Folmann / Developer : Crystal Dynamics / Publisher : Eidos Interactive
Main Theme
A World Of Thralls
Amandas Ship
Amandas Ship Extended (BenR Remix)
Attacking Panthers
Attacking Tigers
Burning Manor
Burning Manor
Calendars Aligned
Croft Manors Ashes
Door Blows (Prologue)
Draining The Blue Part I
Draining The Blue Part II
Entering The Temple
Escaping From Niflheim
Fire Room (Southern Mexico)
First Door Opens (Southern Mexico)
Gate Of The Dead
Gems Meet Light
Getting The First Gauntlet
Guardians Of Gems
Guardians Of Helheim
Hall Of Mjolnir
Invasion With Mjolnir
Kalis Passage
Kraken Is Defeated
Kraken Tentacle
Land Of The Dead
Little Jaguar Head (Southern Mexico)
Lower The Gate
Mayan Calendars
Moving Walls
Niflheims Silence
Out Of Time
Roll Back Destruction
Ruins Of Thailand
Sinking Ship
Smash The Bridge
Spikes And Blades
Sword Goes Up I (Arctic Sea)
Sword Goes Up II (Arctic Sea)
Sword Goes Up III
Taking The Skull
Temples Of Mexico
The Ancient World
The Door To Niflheim
The Door To Secrets
The Fire Puzzle
The Gate To Helheim
The House Keys
The Labyrinth Of Valhalla
The Lizards
The Revealing
The Rooms Of Challenges
The Tower Mechanism
The Unnamed Days
The Way Into Xibalba
Thors Belt
Thors Room
Tower Courtyard
Underwater Caverns
Warning Flammable
Welcome To Thailand
Whispering Ghosts (Southern Mexico)
World Of Ice
Yacht On The Mediterranean
Yeti Thrall
Lost Island - Great Pyramid Theme
Lost Island - Torso Boss Theme
Lost Island - Natla's Theme
Lost Island - Cinematic Mix 1
Lost Island - Cinematic Mix 2

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